This game makes NFL Street look like trash and I highly recommend NFL Tour.

User Rating: 8 | NFL Tour X360
I bought NFL Tour two weeks ago and it's great. The game itself is good much better than the Street series, but does have a little bit of the Street feel. The difference is in Street you got the "thug" style football and in NFL Tour you have the opposite feeling. The rules are almost the same as Street 7 on 7, 80 yd field with walls, throw offs not kick offs, no field goals, extra points, or punting, and players wear shorts and a jersey. The fields and fireworks are amazing and a big reason I got the game. The graphics are very nice too and everything looks really clean looking especially on an HD tv. The bad is Trey Wingo's commentary and after game 1 I turned him off. The other problem is that even though they turned the "over the top" style down it's still there and it takes a LOT of strategy out of the game. The Tour mode is alright, but could be better. It's like Madden's "Superstar Mode" where you create a player, but instead of getting him in the Hall of Fame you are trying to get him a NFL contract. I bought NFL Tour for arcade though so I am fine with not as much strategy as a Maximum Football or a Madden. The mini games are neat and help with learning the games style. I love the basic controls for when you want to play with your kids as they can easily understand how to play. Multi player is awesome and makes the game a lot more fun. If you want a completely strategy style game NFL Tour isn't what you are looking for, but if you want an play something different Tour is for you. I would give it a 8.0 out of 10 and if you can get it for $30 go for it you will enjoy it.