NFL GameDay 99 Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Bonus Passwords

    Enter the following codes in the Easter Egg menu.

    Effect Effect
    SPORTS 989 Mode - Play as 989 Sports personnel.
    WEAK Bad Coverage Mode
    HOOPS Basketball Mode - All of the players names will be the names of basketball players.
    CPU STUFFS Better CPU Defense
    CPU SCORES Better CPU Offense
    BIG BALLS Big Football
    BUNYON Big Players
    BOBO Bobo Mode - All players' last names will be Bobo.
    GD Challenge Bonus Difficulty Level
    HOT SHOT Bullet Passes
    SLIDESHOW Cheerleader Mode - At the end of the game you will see cheerleaders.
    CON MAN CPU hides pass coverage
    MIND READER CPU knows your play
    EURO LEAGUE Euro Mode - All players' last names will be European.
    PRESIDENTS Ex-Presidents Team
    COFFEE BREAK Extra Speed
    FLAT LAND Flat Player Mode
    ITS IN THE FPS Frame Rate Changes
    STICKEM Good Coverage Mode
    STAMINA Infinite Stamina
    HAMSTRUNG Injury Mode - Players will get injured every time speed burst is used.
    INVISIBLE Invisible players
    POP WARNER Kid Mode
    ROCKET MAN Longer Diving Mode
    STEEL LEG Longer Kick Mode
    PRIME TIME More Celebrities
    BLINDERS No Penalties
    PLAYING CARDS Playing Card mode
    HANGTIME Punts hang in the air longer
    PUPPETS Puppet Mode
    RED ZONE Red Zone Mode
    BIG HITS Strong Defense Mode
    DAVIS Stronger Running Mode
    SWIMMERS Swim move juiced
    TELE TUMMY Television Mode
    FLEA CIRCUS Tiny Mode
    EVEN TEAMS Two Even Teams - Teams Will Be Evenly Matched
    CREDITS View Credits
    GRUDGE MATCH Weird Mode - Field will be different colors, no goal post.
    EGG HEAD Zero stamina

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt, CCajes, KasketDarkfyre, freakunique, QQGG