NFL GameDay '97 Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Start Game Codes

    Press L1 - R1 - L2 - R2 at the Start Game screen and then enter the following codes:

    Effect Effect
    EQUALIZER All teams have equal skills
    JUGGLER Bad receivers
    PANCAKE Better blockers
    DEFENSE Better defense
    OFFENSE Better offense
    HOGS Better offensive line
    STREACH Better one-handed catches
    TIGHT_COVER Better pass coverage
    SLAYERS Better running backs
    DERVISH Better spin moves
    NYSE Better spin moves
    OUCH Better stiff arms
    PISTON Better stiff arms
    BIG_GIRLS Big cheerleaders
    HATCHET Break tackles easier
    DARK NIGHT Dark stadium
    TEMPEST Darker stadium
    REJECTION Defense jumps are higher
    GLOVES Easy catches
    ELECTRIC_FB Electrified football
    ATOMIC_BOMB Exploding hits
    SCRAMBLER Faster QBs
    FRIDGE Fat mode
    GD_CHALLENGE Hard mode
    BLIZZARD Heavy snow
    FROG Higher jumps
    HANG_TIME Higher kicks
    ICE_SKATERS Ice Field
    ASSASSIN Increased injuries
    NO_TIME Infinite Time
    GB_SPEED Juice Mode
    KARATE Karate Chops
    INJURIES_DOWN Less Injuries
    BLIND_REF Less Penalties
    LONG_JUMP Longer Dives
    DEMPSEY Longer Kicks
    LOUD_MOUTH Loud Announcer
    CRUNCHY Loud Hits
    GOLIATH Monster Mode
    BROADWAY_JOE More accurate QB
    KRAIG More Fumbles
    BRITTLE More Injuries
    BUSY_REF More Penalties
    HOME_COOKING No Fouls for Home Team
    BAZOOKA Quarter back has a stronger arm
    SHOUT Rowdy Crowd
    SQUALL Severe winds
    BO_KNOWS Shoulder Charges
    CREDITS Show Credits
    SLOW_MO Slow Mode
    FLEA_CIRCUS Small Mode
    BIG STARS Star players are larger
    DITKA Stronger Defense
    PINBALL Stronger Forearms
    STEROIDS Stronger hits
    TWISTER Tornado Mode
    JUICE Turbos
    ASSASSIN Violent Injuries
    TORRETA Weaker QB
    MANDARICH Worse Offensive Line
    TOAST Worse Pass Coverage

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt, KasketDarkfyre, slimjim25c, Super Nova