NFL GameDay 2001 Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Codes

    Enter these codes on the Easter Egg menu:

    Effect Effect
    989SPORTS 989 Studio players
    ALL BOBO All Bobo Teams
    ALL EVEN Balanced Abilities
    BASKETBALL Basketball Star Names
    LINE BUSTER Better Defense
    SHOOTERS Better Passes
    GIANTS Big Players
    CRUNCH Bigger Hits
    FASHION SHOW Cheerleader Pictures After Game
    AIR CPU CPU cannot kick the ball far
    CHEATERS CPU plays poorly
    STICKEM Easy Catches
    EURO LEAGUE Euro League Names
    Booster Fast Movement
    TWO D Flat Players
    STROBE LIGHT Frame By Frame Movement
    BIG PIG Large Football Code
    Boom Boom Longer Field Goals
    HAM INJURY Max. Injuries
    ENDURANCE More Endurance
    JACKHAMMER More hits
    FATIGUE Players fatigue quicker
    RED ZONE Programmer Names
    GD FIELD Secret Playing Field
    STICK MEN Skinny players
    POP WARNER Small, Quick Players
    SMART CPU Smarter Computer
    ROCKET MAN Speedy Players
    SUPER FOOT Super Skilled Tailback
    FLEA CIRCUS Tiny Players
    OVAL OFFICE U.S.A President Names
    UNBEATABLE Unbeatable Team

    Contributed by: Starky27, JChamberlin, MATT GRAM, roflmao, KasketDarkfyre 

  2. Extra Teams

    Effect Effect
    Press O, O on the team selection screen All-star teams
    Press O on the team selection screen Super Bowl teams

    Contributed by: Starky27 

NFL GameDay 2001 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Cheats

    From the options screen, highlight and pick the ''Easter Eggs'' option. The passwords must be in all caps.

    Effect Effect
    989 SPORTS 989 Studio players
    ALL EVEN Balanced abilities
    BASKETBALL Basketball player names
    LINE BUSTER Better defense
    SHOOTERS Better passes
    BIG PIG Big football
    GIANTS Big players
    CRUNCH Bigger hits
    ALL BOBO Bobo teams
    SMART CPU Brainy computer
    FASHION SHOW Character pictures after the game (press X to cycle)
    STICKEM Easier catches
    CHEATERS Easy Mode
    ERUO LEAUGE Euro league names
    BOOSTER Fast movement
    ROCKET MAN Fast players
    TWO D Flat football players
    SMARTER CPU Hard Mode
    ENDURANCE Increased Endurance
    HAM INJURY Max injuries
    JACKHAMMER More hits
    AIR CPU Opponent has poor kicks
    FATIGUE Players fatigue quicker
    OLD SCHOOL Players from 2000
    RED ZONE Programmer names
    SUPER FOOT Skilled running back
    STICK MEN Skinny players
    STROBE LIGHT Slower movement
    POP WARNER Small, quick players
    SPECIAL MOVE Super special moves
    FLEA CIRCUS Tiny Players
    COFFEE BREAK Turbo Mode
    UNBEATABLE Unbeatable Team
    GD FIELD Unlock GameDay Field
    OVAL OFFICE US President
    CREDITS View credits

    Contributed by: Starky27, Mike277 

  2. Teams

    Effect Effect
    Press Circle at the team selection screen Unlock All Star and Super Bowl teams

    Contributed by: Great 1