Joker aims to reinvent the superhero genre by giving us the untold origin of one of the most iconic villains of all time. Arthur Fleck is a failing comedian and outcast from a society moving on without him. After he’s attacked, he aims to reinvent his image, question the powers that be, and shape Gotham City into something… a little less serious. Keep it tuned to this page for all of our Joker coverage from now through its release on October 4, 2019!


Joker Review: The Antihero Comic Book Movies Need

Can the Joker work without Batman? Here's your answer.


Will Joker Get A Sequel? Director Todd Phillips Clarifies His Stance

Positive reviews for Joker have ignited the internet's curiosity, but the movie's director is firm in his position.


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To celebrate the upcoming release of the Joker movie, we're taking some of his most motivational quotes and turning them into posters you can put on your wall.


How Joker Director Todd Phillips Made A "Real Movie" In Disguise

"We're gonna sneak a real movie in under the guise of [a comic book movie]."


Why Joker Feels Dangerous

We sat down to have a conversation about why the Joker movie is so controversial.


Joker Movie: 17 Easter Eggs And References You Might Have Missed

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DC's Joker Smashes Box Office Records

The much-discussed comic book movie hit theaters on Friday and became the biggest ever October release.


Joker: The Best And Worst Funko Pops Of The Clown Prince Of Crime

DC's most famous villain has had some great (and not so great) Funko Pop figures.

DAY 10

The Evolution Of The Live Action Joker

Our understanding of The Clown Prince of Crime owes as much to his live-action incarnations as it does to his comic books.

DAY 11

The Weirdest Joker Stories In DC History

The Weirdest Joker Stories In DC History

DAY 12

The Wildest Alternate Versions Of Joker, From Hero To Fire Breathing Dragon

The Wildest Alternate Versions Of Joker, From Hero To Fire Breathing Dragon