Who is that flying in the sky very high..is it a bird is it a plane....No Its Mario and he is here to save the day.

User Rating: 8.5 | New Super Mario Bros. DS
New Super Mario Bros is as many of you know by know is a WW2 FPS game with a differance. You see in this game you play the role of a soldier called Bros...Now you might be asking why does he have such a strange name well that is easy. You see This soldier is no normal soldier he is from 3000 years into the future and he is trying to stop the war from starting...But something goes wrong and he lands right into the middle of an ongoing battle hits his head and loses his memory...Some soldiers find him and take him to there field medic who looks him over and all he can find is the name tag B.R.O.S....which stands for Biometrically, Reengineered, Onslaught, SuperSoldier. They did not know this at the time as all he would say they tried to talk to him was 0000001.....

LOL who am i kidding we all know what Super Mario Bros is about realy its a side-scrolling platform game. In which you take control of Mario as he fights his way to yet again rescue Princess Peach. Well i hear a few of you ask how does Mario go about doing such a task well let me get into that.

In the New Super Mario Bros you can play as either Mario, or his brother, Luigi. Similar to previous Mario games, Mario or Luigi can collect coins, stomp on enemies, and break open blocks. Moves from 3D games featuring Mario reappear in New Super Mario Bros., including the ground pound, triple jump, and wall jump. Enemies from previous games, such as Petey Piranha, are also reintroduced. There are a total of 80 levels are available over eight worlds; these worlds are shown in the Nintendo DS's bottom touchscreen while viewing the world map. The map of the currently selected world appears in the top screen, which is used to navigate between the world's courses. Certain worlds require specific means of access, such as completing a boss level while using the Mini Mushroom. The goal of each course is to reach a black flag at the end of the course. At the end of each world, a boss must be defeated before proceeding to the next one.

There are also three Star Coins to be collected within each of the 80 stages, for a total of 240. By collecting these Star Coins, Mario is able to purchase access to Toad Houses to gain items or lives. Mario can also use these Star Coins to unlock special backgrounds and paths on the World Map. Players will also come across Star Coin Signs. Paying the number of Star Coins shown on these signs will open new paths that in turn allow you to save your game.

There are six power-ups available in New Super Mario Bros.; the game allows the player to store an extra power-up when he is already using one, a feature carried over from Super Mario World. Three power-ups from Super Mario Bros. return: the Super Mushroom makes Mario grow in size, the Fire Flower lets Mario throw fireballs, and the Starman makes Mario invincible temporarily. The Starman also gives him a boost of speed and more jump height, a first for the game. Three more power-ups are introduced in New Super Mario Bros These are:

The Blue Koopa Shell: Which lets Mario withdraw into a shell to protect himself, run and then withdraw into the shell to attack enemies, and swim faster.

The Mega Mushroom: Which grows Mario to an incredible size for a short time, the amount of damage inflicted as Mega-Mario corresponds to extra lives received after returning to normal size. The Mega Mushroom provides complete invincibility, and is capable of destroying many enemies(excluding boss enemies with one hit. It even grants Mario the power to kick down the flagpole at the end of any given level.

The Mini-Mushroom: Which makes Mario very small and able to run across water. He can also jump higher and enter small pipes.

With the gameplay now done with it is time to take a look at the story...This is for people who may never have played a maroi game before.... At the beginning of the game, the Mushroom Kingdom monarch Princess Peach and Mario are walking together when lightning suddenly strikes Peach's castle nearby. As Mario runs to help, Bowser Jr. appears and kidnaps her. Realizing what has happened, Mario quickly rushes back and gives chase. Mario ventures through eight worlds pursuing Bowser Jr. and trying to rescue the kidnapped princess. Mario catches up to them and confronts Bowser Jr. occasionally, but is unable to save the princess from the evil Koopa's clutches. At the end of the first world, Bowser Jr. retreats to a castle, where his father, Bowser, awaits Mario on a bridge over a pit filled with lava. In a scene highly reminiscent of the original Super Mario Bros., Mario activates a button behind Bowser to defeat him, and the bridge underneath Bowser collapses, causing him to fall into the lava and leaving a skeleton....Now is this the end of the story.....well you will have to play the game to find out.

New Super Mario Bros came out for the Nintendo DS in north america on May 15, 2006 in japan on May 25, 2006 in australia on June 8, 2006 and in europe on June 30, 2006.

This game is alot of fun and reminds me of the old school mario games of years gone by. It is also fun for people who have never played a mario game before as well which is always handy. So why not give it a go.