love this game. i keep playig even after im done with it. mini games great in mp.

User Rating: 9.5 | New Super Mario Bros. DS
This game is very good. Worth the price if its under 30. they have mini mushroom, flower, koopa shell, giant mushroom, and normal mushroom. The story mode was very fun. After finishing levels, its always great to rush the whole thing. Completing it 100% is also a good way to spend time. The minigames are a load of fun. they keep u occupied for a long time. some of them dont ever end so thats cool. Thers maybe 20 of them. I love multiplayer just as much as single player. You can do battles for stars and that is the best. IN minigames, they have more games in mp so thats also cool. You can play as luigi, go to maze like ghost houses, go to pipe world where you go throught a bunch of pipes, travel on moving belts, fly in clouds, and do a ton of things. Each world is very unique and interesting. my only complaint is that bowser is so easy to beat. just go right under him or jump over. overall this game is so worth it.