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User Rating: 9 | New Super Mario Bros. DS
Basicly, Bowser Jr. kidnaps Peach right before the nose of Mario and keeps running from him. Yes, Bowser Jr. is like that koopling in SMB3 you keep batting evrey minicastle. But you get to battle other bosses too, like the real Bowser in a classic SMB battle :P

The worlds are not so orginal, you don't suspect that in a Mario plattform game.
Plains, Forrest, Desert, Beach, Mountain, Hell, you name it. All these levels usely has an own theme and events not shown in other ones, so evrey level is a new one.

Mario's skills is the normal jumping, but also new SM64 moves like Wall-jumping and Tripple-jumping, which feels great, like some kind of perfect Mario game, which this actually is.

The new powerups are ok, but it is really fun to smash evreything with a Giant Mario.

The graphics are real nice and the games doesn't look ugly or anything. Sounds are great too, Mario's / Luigi's (yes you can be Luigi! complete the game first) voices are crisp and stuff, and the music is nice and fitting to the level themes.

I have to disapoint you, NO CO-OP! Only some Mario v.s. Luigi crap. Oh. It ain't that bad, but why not Co-op, Nin? WHY??!!

Yeah, there minigames too. But most of them you can find in SM64DS too, which sucks. But multiplayer there is a blast for up to 4 players.

Totaly : This is one of the reasons to get a Nintendo DS. So get one. And this. Both. Now.