Excellent Game. A little too much hype though. It didn't bring many new things to the table.

User Rating: 7 | New Super Mario Bros. Wii WII
I bought this game and expected it to be one of the best wii games ever created, the best video game ever created to be exact, but was slightly let down. I felt bad that the game didn't implement any new features on top of the DS version and felt like the same game just for the wii system.

It is always a let down when a franchise doesn't live up to its high expectations. Mario has had a string of great titles such as Mario Kart, Smash Bros. Brawl, etc. that make you feel good about the rebooted games, but this one doesn't do justice to the classic sidescrolling Mario games we have come to know and love. Hopefully the Wii U brings some fresh ideas to keep players from abandoning our friendly neighborhood plumber.

Motions are the same as other mario titles except now you can press the "A" button to float into a bubble that prevents you from getting harmed. You can only get out of it when your partner touches it. If your partner dies when you are in the bubble, you both count as dead.

There were many levels that were hard to pass, those were the fun ones. Those are amazing to play with family or friends, and you guys can enjoy the moments when you lose together or accidentally press the bubble button at the same time and die simultaneously.

I recommend this game if you have grown up playing Mario games, or have friends that have done so. This game feels more like a party game, and is enjoyable only when you have people playing along in Co-op.