Must Have for a Wii Collection

User Rating: 10 | New Super Mario Bros. Wii WII
Short and Simple, Amazing!

The longer and more complicated...

The New Super Mario Brothers Wii takes what we could do on the DS and brought it to the big screen. Ever since this DS title was out and i was playing it amongst friends and family the biggest comment I got was. "It's a great game, but I wish I could play it on the TV" Well, it happened, and did not disappoint one bit. The game is very reminiscent of Super Mario Brothers 3, and defiantly brings back that retro charm. The game starts off fairly easy, which makes the player believe that it will be too easy, but by the 3rd or 4th world, it becomes increasingly difficult. It never becomes to overwhelming, but it is at times very challenging.
The multi player aspect of the game is something that Nintendo players have been waiting for since Mario and Luigi were arcade buddies. Head to head competition/retaliation/cooperative play. Players can choose to help, hinder, or ignore each other for the final goal or coin collecting. The flip side to being just plain evil or mean is that when you die the remaining player has to let you out of your bubble in order for you to get back into the game. The only gripe about the multi player is, why couldn't there have been four unique characters, why must we have two toads? A minor grip in an other wise highly polished multi player aspect.
Overall, my only gripe would be the Toad character problem in multi-player, and yet that is easily over looked of this console re-boot of a classic duo. I cannot wait for the sequel in anticipation that the continue to keep the classic formula while bringing exciting new twists and turns.