Super Mario Bros. Wii

User Rating: 10 | New Super Mario Bros. Wii WII
This game, when I first played it, made me think "Yeah it's ok". But as I started playing more and more, I started to like it. This game definitely gets addictive after a while. The best part about this game, though is the sheer ability to play in multiplayer. Never before, has a Mario game been like this, and personally, I thought this made the game. If this game was released, and this function did not exist in game, I think the game would have a feeling of "it needs more done, it's unfinished". Probably most people know that they created and released this to keep us going, whilst they develop Galaxy 2, which also looks set to be a stunning Wii game. From reading many of the Nintendo Magazines, they say that it looks to be the best Wii game of 2010, however, I will decipher this when the games launched. For those who are unsure of the release date(the following date is only for United Kingdom only.Other release dates may differ depending on your country in which you live.) The game is expected to launch on the 11th of June. I will write a review on this game as soon as I have purchased it.