Less then a 9? Seriously?

User Rating: 9.5 | New Super Mario Bros. Wii WII
After a long break the console 2D Mario is finally back. New Super Mario Bros on the DS proved that another 2D Mario game was needed. Whether you decide to tackle it solo or submit yourself to the at-times fun, at-times frustrating multiplayer, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a thoroughly worthwhile experience.

The story is the same like every other Mario game. It's Princess Peachs birthday today and Mario, Luigi and some Toads are invited to her party. After a while a walking cake comes inside (not a joke). Bowser Jr. and the koopalings jump out of the cake and kindapp the princess so Mario, Luigi and the Toads are going to rescue her.

What's your task? Your task is to get from point A to point B. Going trough various levels and worlds. Collecting Star Coins and trying out some new Power ups. Basicly it's the same like in every other 2D Mario game but thanks to some clever level design it's a lot more challenging. It's not as hard as the lost levels though but it requires increasingly accurate timing, intricate planning, and ninjalike reflexes. There's a lot more power ups then previous game to. You have the super mushroom wich let's you grow in size and allow you one more hit. You have the fire flower wich allows you to throw fire balls and allow two hits before dying. The mini mushroom makes his return as wall but it's barely used. The Ice Flower from Super Mario Galaxy appears in this game as well. It works like the fire flower but it freezes your enemies instead of killing them. While they're frozen you can throw them or pound on them.
Two new power ups have appeared! first, there's the astoundingly useful penguin suit, which grants Mario the ability to hurl snowballs that can freeze opponents as well gives him better traction on ice and the ability to navigate through water like a fish. Then, there's the just-as-useful helicopter suit, which allows Mario to shoot himself into the air and hover for short periods of time. Yoshi also makes his return but it's a little disseapointing. You can only use him in a certain level. If you finish a level with Yoshi you can't bring him to any other levels but it's still fun to play with him. If you're a fan of the DS version then it's sad to know that the blue shell and the Mega Mushroom aren't available wich might actually be a good thing in this game.

The game starts off pretty easy at first but it gets challenging fast! Some players might be frightening by this. That's were the super guide comes in. The Super Guide is the game's way of helping you past sections you may find tough and is activated as an option once you lose eight lives in any particular level. If you choose to use the guide, a computer-controlled Luigi will step in for Mario and essentially run through the entire level for you (including any boss fights that may be part of the level). Once complete, you're given the option to either try the level again yourself or just skip it completely. Don't think you can abuse this because Luigi doesn't bother to find Star Coins or hidden exits. If you don't care about them then by all means, abuse it.

As the previous Mario games there are lots of secret routes and bonuses to be found wich adds even more replay value then it already did! Each level features star and red coins to collect, as well as the usual warp pipes, hidden blocks, secret extra lives, and more. Collected star coins can be used to unlock bonus movies that show where hidden areas can be found, speed runs, and more. But more importantly, you'll need star coins to access a supersecret area that is only unlocked after you complete the game, giving you even more incentive to continue playing.

The Koopalings make their return after Super Mario Bros 3. Each Koopaling appears in every castle in their respective world and I must say that it's very fun to play against them. You'll face each Koopaling twice, one of them being a simple fight and another being more complicated.

Every world comes with its own theme. There's a forest theme, desert theme, water theme, mountain theme, sky theme, swamp theme, ice theme and a lava theme. You're gonna find a lot of variety here! Then there's the secret world 9. It contains some of the hardest levels in the game. It can frustrating very fast especially when trying to collect all the Star Coins.

The controls are pretty simple. You have two control schemes: the Wii-remote and the Wii-remote and Nunchuk. I'm gonna tell about the Wii-remote since that one feels the most natural. You use the Wii remote sideways it's very similar to a nes controller. 2 is used to jump and 1 is to launch projectiles. By holding the 1 button you can run faster and jump higher. You can also shake the Wii-remote when on the ground to do a spin attack and you can also do the same when in the air. With that you'll use the air spin and it makes your landing a little slower. It works fine but the motion control based side--such as shaking the Wii Remote to launch a spin attack or quickly jerking the Wii Remote down to pick up objects--can sometimes lead to unexpected lapses of control as your hands shift. It could probably be better when you could use the classic controller but it only has two control schemes.

The addition that makes this Mario game so unique must be the multiplayer. The players can use Mario, Luigi, a Toad and another Toad. Even though they're basicly the same characters they share the same abilities. Playing with friends is initially great fun--you can bounce off other characters, push each other into crevices, or even pick up and throw other characters. It's chaotic and can provide plenty of laughs; that is, as long as you're not actually serious about quickly reaching the end of a level. Outside of the main game, players can also compete in two dedicated multiplayer modes--Free mode and Coin Battle. Both these modes allow you to play any level you've already unlocked, but while Free mode is just a straight-up replay, Coin Battle sees you competing with your friends to see who can make it to the end with the most coins collected.

This new Mario for the Wii features the usual bright colors and cartoon look of the series, but it lacks the sharpness and detail that Galaxy showed off.

The music is good. It's not really something to remember but it's really catchy just like Mario music should be. The music comes mostly from the DS version wich I didn't really liked to begin with but I'm not saying that it all sucks.

In the end you can say New Super Mario bros ended up to be a great game. It doesn't matter if you decide to play with a friend or solo. It's loads of fun. This should definitly be something a Wii owner should have.

+There's multiplayer in it! Finally!
+Good catchy music.
+What can I say? It's just fun!
+The most challenging recent Super Mario Bros.

-Motion controls can be frustrating sometimes.