New Super Mario Bros is 2D classic that will have everyone smiling with great 3d level graphics and level design.

User Rating: 8 | New Super Mario Bros. Wii WII
To be honest I'm not much of a Nintendo fan, nor a Mario fan but i have played Mario games in my recent time, but when i played this one i had to admit it was sure fun but the i kind of hated about the games was when it started to get a bit difficult especially when your playing with up to 3 friends. To be honest i sometimes kind of think that this game was not made for multiplier cause when i played it with little brothers and sisters i wasn't having much fun at all because when i was like to try and hit an opponent as Mario if i wasn't in normal size and Luigi accidently hit and i got hurt it would cost me a life, of course i don't mind it much but it can get really annoying. Anyway, even though the game is great the storytline is just lazy because it's the same story all over again, princess peach on is kidnapped not only Bowser Jr himself but the returning Koo pa kids, seriously the kingdom security is just down right terrible, i mean does the princesses castle even have a security, Never mind. Anyway, it's just your usual Mario game where u collect rings, power ups etc. Though the coolest thing i found about the game was the propeller suit which i really had fun with, especially when you can ride Yoshi and use him to gobble up enemies but sadly u can't take him with you to other levels which is really disappointing but anyway it's still a great game and i recommend you get if you never played before and was hoping to see what it was like, if not then just get it's sequel instead.