A multiplayer Mario game. A game that I could enjoy with anyone. What more could you ask for?!?

User Rating: 10 | New Super Mario Bros. Wii WII
I can remember when this was announced at E3 many years ago. That game was all I could think about. The red case, the classic story, and the multiplayer, annoy your players, makes the game fantastic. Mario must save Peach, but this time he shares the limelight with his brother Luigi and two Toads. The allows for mischief and cooperative play. Local multiplayer is great, I wish I could have connected to Wifi with other people though. There are eight worlds, all great and fun to play. I loved picking up my sisters and throwing them into a pit of lava. I admit it's mean but it felt sooo good. I'm also very proud that I collected all three Star Coins on all levels. This unlocks some very difficult levels, some I haven't beaten to this day. It's a great recreation of the Super Mario Bros. I love this game and am glad to own it.