This 2D Platform Game Pulls Out All the Stops, And Doesn't Disappoint!

User Rating: 10 | New Super Mario Bros. Wii WII

After the success of a "New Super Mario Bros." game for the Nintendo DS, the question on the minds of many people, was if Nintendo could replicate that same kind of success, but on the Nintendo Wii? Well, now that I've finally finished playing, beating, and enjoying everything that can be found on this great game, I would have to say, that the answer is, yes, Nintendo could, and DID!!!! Although it took the Koopa Kids some time to get back into the action of tormenting the Mario Bros., they managed to come back in a BIG way! This time, Bowser Jr. gets to join in on their trouble-making, as they all work together in trying to kidnap Princess Peach for Bowser! Although this plot is basically par for the course as far as Mario plots go, it's all the different challenges, obstacles, stage layouts, and enemies that Mario has to defeat, that make the game what it truly is! This game is not just a good throwback to what MADE 2D Mario games great in the first place, it also brings in some brand new elements to the table! Using the Wii Remote Control, you get to physically move it, in order to perform some of Mario's advanced techniques, especially when he's transformed into one of six forms, including the brand new Propeller Mushroom transformation, and the new Penguin Suit transformation. Plus, a nice new inclusion this game has that the Nintendo DS game didn't, is that you actually get to ride on Yoshi in a select few stages! As in past Mario games, the types of levels you have to traverse are as vast, varied, and as challenging as any good Mario game should be. And if you're a TRUE Mario fan like I am, you'll take on the challenge, and ensure that the Super Guide doesn't appear on ANY stage even once! Making beating Bowser and all his underlings feel that much more satisfying! This is a nice continuation of the "Super Mario Bros." video game series that should be played at least once! I did, and that's why I reviewed this game! Enough said, true believers!