Not as great as the first installment, but still a fun time nonetheless.

User Rating: 8 | New Super Mario Bros. Wii WII

New Super Mario Bros Wii released in 2009 for you guessed it... The Nintendo Wii. This was a follow-up to the previous game, seeing as that game was a massive success. I got this game a few days after it released and played the hell out of it.

So I think you already know how the story will pan out right? Mario and co. are celebrating Peach's birthday. A massive cake with familiar-looking toppings comes into the castle. Turns out it's the Koopalings, returning from a long absence (and literally being used in most games after the fact) to kidnap Peach. Mario, Luigi and 2 Toads go after the airship, while the other Toads shoot out the game's two new power-ups; Propeller Mushroom and the Penguin Suit.

So right off the bat, the game now allows up to three other people to join the adventure. Sure this may not be as impressive now with the likes of Kirby's Adventure Wii and Rayman Origins doing it, but it was a pretty cool addition to the series. Chaotic, but fun. The Propeller Shroom lets the heroes shoot off into the sky with one shake of the Wii remote. Penguin Suit, however... its basically the Frog suit with more mobility and Ice Flower properties, which the Ice Flower being an item that returns from Mario Galaxy with a different effect.

Not gonna do to deeply into gameplay as it is essentially the same thing from the previous game. The only real change is the addition of the Spin Jump, returning from the older titles. Yoshi returns as a stepping stool- I mean helpful character, BUT you cannot take him outside the course like in Mario World.

There are eight worlds as per usual, each world having a Koopaling to face, culminating with a Bowser fight at the end of the game. There is also a special World 9, which contains the toughest of challenges. You can only unlock courses when you find all the Star Coins in each world.

There are also side games to play. One of them is a Coin Battle to see who gets the most coins in a course, while the other, is a free mode, letting you play on any unlocked course.

NSMB Wii is essentially more of the same thing. It pretty much builds on what NSMB DS did and adds new things to the table. Not up there with NSMB DS, but it is a fun game and honestly, the last good NSMB game in the series. I know that nowadays, nobody talks about the NSMB series (and for good reasons, which I will get to in New Super Mario Bros 2) but I still recommend you give it a try if you haven't played it and are in need of a good platformer fix that isn't Rayman Origins, Kirby Adventure Wii etc.