Game Freezes After Update Help Please

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I just got my wii u last night , spent a hour with the 1st update , 10 minutes with netflix install and update and then i go to play mario u , do the update and then it gets to the loading screen with the colorfull pictures of everyone and just stays there , 45 minutes later i had to unplug the system and re start. tried deleting the games install and re installing 5 times and this still happens. So now i cant even play my new wii u. I call nintendo and there responce is to try a different game wich i dont have or send the system in for repair. I just bought this thing and it needs to be repaired. Anyone having this issue and can possibly help ? Thank you

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I'm having problems too. I can do everything else, but when I go to play Story Mode my WiiU dies when Mario and Co get thrown though the air by Bowsers airship, 4 attempts to start it, and the same thing happened every time.
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I can't even get passed the second castle it keeps freezing and making this hummmmm sound when it loads