The weakest 2D Mario game I have played

User Rating: 7 | New Super Mario Bros. 2 3DS
After Super Mario World came out in 1991 we had to wait over 15 years for a 2D side scrolling Mario game which came in the form of New Super Mario Bros which was nice it had good level design and mini games. Then in 2009 came New Super Mario Bros Wii which had 4 players being able to play at once as well as some cool new power ups. After this a 3rd and a 4th NSMB were announced one coming for the WiiU as a Launch Title in the Fall of 2012 and the other a 3DS title coming within about 3 months of each other. Does this New Mario game have anything different or is it just another rehash.


No surprises in guessing in you know the Mario series it's basically been the same since the NES.


We hardly nothing has changed in this game much compared to the last 2 games. Get from Point A to Point B as you'd expect collecting coins and Power ups along the way. The Star Coins are back and they virtually open up new areas in the game and Special World after you beat the game. The bosses aren't really tough you face 4 Reznors which was a boss in Super Mario World who stand on 4 platforms spinning around. Not much has change except some of the battles have more than 4 platforms but not 4 of him. The other being one of the Koopalings.

The games main focus seems to be Gold especially coins. You can get over millions of lives and it makes the game of having a game over insanely hard and really stops it being challenging but to be honest it isn't that tough really. The power ups that return are Fireflower,Starman and Mushroom so not explanation needed there and the Super Leaf from Mario 3 makes a return.Others include a Gold Coin Block that lets you run with it and collect coins for a certain amount of time and a Gold Flower which turns virtually everything into Gold. It really makes the Gold idea a gimmick and get old very fast.

Overall though the gameplay has solid level design but far from the best in a 2D Mario game. The jumping and stuff is all good. This game has a Coin Rush mode which let's you swap records via StreetPass but to be honest I thought the Mini Games on the DS were better.


Nothing to remarkable the game basically looks similar to the Wii version and DS one really. The 3D doesn't really have much impact on this game.


You can beat this game in 6 worlds making it to the finish very quickly yes there are some Star World levels afterwards and the option to play as Luigi and get all the Star Coins as well for the true Mario perfectionist.

Overall Opinion

The weakest 2D Mario I have ever played the game whilst it's gameplay is as yu'd expect the Gold idea is pretty lame and wears off after maybe after the first world. It just feels like a cheap cash in for Nintendo and we all know they are good at it. It's not a bad game but we expected much better than a 2D Mario sidescroller.

Overall Opinion 7.0