A remaster worth playing

User Rating: 7 | New Super Lucky's Tale XONE

The original Super Lucky's Tale was an unexpected guilty pleasure for me. It was a platformer geared towards children that had some minor camera issues, a severe lack of a story but it was still a beautiful looking game that was fun to play. It's the kind of game where I would have happily bought the sequel. Yet instead of a sequel, We got this remaster that ties in the base game and DLC as well fixing a few glaring issues that the original game had. All in all, It's what you want in a remaster.

On the negative side, As someone who played the original, I didn't get much out of this. I appreciate what it did as a remaster but it did nothing to really expand upon the experience that I had with the original. So if you played the original, You may not think of it as highly as someone who hasn't and I can totally relate to that. Also, It seemed a bit too soon to really push out a remaster, especially at a near full retail price. They should have just patched the original instead but I get why they did it, The almighty dollar rules all and it opens the game up for a new audience who possibly skipped it the first time around.

I would say the lone issue I have with this remaster is that they didn't really do enough to fix the lack of story that the original game had. Adding a cutscene or two doesn't really cut it, especially when the dialogue is so weak and the characters so forgettable. It would have been nice to see them fix this issue as well considering how good of a job they did addressing everything else.

Overall: 7/10
For a remaster, It does exactly what it wanted to: Improve upon the level design, Sharpen the graphics and fix the camera issues that hurt the original game. However, I wish that they had added a bit more content or expanded upon the story so that way it could truly exceed the original and not just slightly pass it.