Step right up and be the first to win a rubber chicken!

User Rating: 8.5 | New Carnival Games WII
I commented how much I liked the first Carnival Games and received many comments on my review. A lot of you decided from my review to try it and you wrote back telling me I was spot on. well here is the next review and I hope you feel the same as I do about it.
Corny as it may seem they just keep on coming out with better versions of the carnival games. In New Carnival Games you have better options for multiple players as each player wins tickets and only the unlocked features work for the player who earned them instead of just letting everybody play from someones good fortune.
I like the haunted house it makes you feel like you are actually riding in a car on a track shooting at ghostly objects. The graphics are very cool and the idea stems from the older amusement park ride through a semi trailer, that we have all taken and spent our money on.

You also have better challenges ahead of you a really neet shooting gallery, Clown Mouth, Lucky Clover, and Mouse Wheel. Along with a really cool photo booth to capture your crazy costumes that you win in the many games. and some challenging puzzles to solve along the Midway also.

The series continues with yet another great game, Bumper Cars yes you drive them first person prospective hit as many people as you can for the big points another really cool idea.

This game really shines with new games including fish bowl beer bottle stand up and Over and Under all supported with the Wii motion sensor. I loved these games when I was a carny. and I loved watching people waste their money trying to get the stupid little prizes they just had to prove they could win. so this game is really appealing to me.

I don't want to give away all the new features there is a ton of them. As well as new clothing and items to win. and unlock

If you like the idea of quick it's over games at the carnival and amusement parks you going to love playing this series. I know the series has not gotten high reviews but it really does not have to. You just got to know what you like about fairs and go with it. trust my review if you like to show off at the county fair and win the big stuff or just dress goofy and have fun with your friends, your going to really enjoy New Carnival Games.

So step right up who's next in line?