Neverwinter isn't very good. It's not bad, either.

User Rating: 7 | Neverwinter PC
Neverwinter starts with letting you pick from a handful of races and classes, none of these have any relevance to where you start off, nor do they have a noticeable effect on how people seem to interact towards you. It then proceeds to place you somewhere without digging into your background. All because a big bad Dragon has awoken. Has anyone noticed this seems to be a recurring theme lately? So you're lost in a shipwreck but that's alright because much like in D&D you'll find a magical trail of pixie dust to guide you to your next objective.

The tutorial gets its point across enough. The combat has to be one of its commendable aspects, it's alright, but I don't feel the necessity to praise it. I absolutely cannot stand the graphics and I believe the story, revolving around undead and dragons, is nothing extraordinary.

So the big question is "Should I try this?"
It's free, and you're reading my review, you can't convince me you have anything better to do.

If in doubt, give it a shot. But it's not a game I would wholeheartedly recommend. It's not a bad game - however, it lacks the appeal and polish that many other MMO's out there tend to have.