Excited for this title..? The answer is yes.

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I for one am excited about this game. I believe that the online element can add a lot to this type of game. Clearly, this is not an mmo (thank god) but a coop rpg. Why is this good? Because Dungeons and Dragons was MEANT to be played cooperative with other real people. 

Ie, this game is like playing a real bout of D&D via computer. I personally dont play tabletop D&D since I dont know anyone who would, nor do I have time. I have however played possibly all D&D games ever made, (yes, even the one on intellivision), and have also enjoyed the single player games immensely. (Who can dislike baldurs gate of NWN2?).

This game will come out and possibly be really good, and then hopefully in the near future Atari also releases a game more like NWN2.

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I too owned the intellivision version...Treasure of Tarmin. Loved that game at the time...couldn't wait to get the book that made me walk through walls.

Not sure I like the idea of having to do co-op for NW but I'll give it a try. I'm hoping you can play single player too.

Edit: also I think there was also another D&D game on intellivision where you had to kill a dragon in some mountains and all you had was a bow. I had that one too..not sure if you meant that one.

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Giving away closed beta key for neverwinter,contact me on skype Gaby200412 or mail Gaby200412@yahoo.com
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I am completely addicted to this game lol.  It's surprisingly extremely high quality.