Try this short adventure if you can't get enough of the NWN series!

User Rating: 7 | Neverwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate PC
If you can look past some of the production flaws such as missing voiceovers, Mysteries of Westgate, a.k.a MoW, provides an interesting adventure with a little suspense surrounding a mask (somewhat smaller scale than Mask of the Betrayer), an arena (surprisingly hard), moral choices, hidden locations and quirky side quests in this 4-area fan-made package.

The proper way to enjoy this would be to create your character from start instead of importing your epic-level powerhouse, since the plot is quite on its own, except for some links with Baldur's Gate 2. The fights are not really hard, except the arena, so it's more of an adventure game than an RPG, with a mild 6~7 level ups until level 15 for the whole journey.

I would wish they applied the Mask of the Betrayer's influence feat here, given that the 3 main companions in MoW will mostly follow you throughout, that would be nice. You would find that the merchants here often run out of gold, which is a shame since that would deter your ability to purchase their high-end stuff. Well anyway, combat is not really the focus because the plot shines here, and it's intriguing enough to pull your attention away from the fighting. Some side quests are enlightening in certain ways, like Troubled Hearts. Ha, all in all, check this game out if you can't get enough of old school D&D.