A buggy piece of sh*t. Play Dragon Age: Origins again instead.

User Rating: 3 | Neverwinter Nights 2 PC
So I picked up the Platinum Edition on Steam at half price, figured it would be a good deal. After all, the game has gotten pretty good reviews, even though I'm no fan of D&D per say.

So, where to begin this journey of many complaints? Hmm, let's see... how about performance? The game can look okay in some spots, and awful in others. However, no matter how it looks, it will always run like sh*t. The game is 5 years old and lags like a motherf*cker on my year 2010 computer, for no reason other than it being horribly optimized. So it doesn't look that great, but runs terrible anyway. Awesome.

Second: the story. It's mostly cliche BS about you being the chosen one who has to save Neverwinter from a great threat and gather some allies and blah, blah, blah. The writing is mostly okay, but pretty much every character is a boring stereotype. I found it very difficult to care about anyone in the game. And the voice acting is often bad as well.

Thirdly: BUGS, BUGS, and more BUGS! I've had over half a dozen gamebreaking bugs that I had to use the console and the internet to fix, despite this game having more patches than a leaky boat. The second final boss fight alone had so many bugs in it that i couldn't finish the game. I had to watch it on youtube. Oh, and the ending: *SPOILER* You kill the big bad guy, the roof collapses, everyone dies. Roll credits. F*cking awful. Almost forgot: the camera is beyond awful, all 3 settings for it. It constantly reverts no matter what you do, and often your character magically teleport back through a dungeon when you attempt to click on something in character mode, meaning you have to go through the whole damn thing again...

Oh, and the combat system is boring too. Unlike say, Dragon Age: Origins, which has a very similar system but with a good UI and flowing animations, NWN2 really looks like a turn-based game from 1999 in terms of combat animations. You can clearly see whenever a character is waiting for his turn to strike, cast a spell and so forth, which looks terrible. On top of that there are no real skills for fighters and similar characters to use either, so unless you are planning on playing as a mage, you will mostly be sitting and waiting for combats to resolve themselves. Yawn...

So all in all, i am really disappointed in this game. So many good reviews for such a sh*tty game. Lucky me it was pretty cheap at least.