Somewhere between the bugs there is something quite good, I think.

User Rating: 7 | Neverwinter Nights 2 PC
Well, I haven't finished NWN2 yet, one reason is that I decided to give up on my rogue character because I wanted to play a wizard afterall. The other reason is i'm now stopped completely by the bugs. Which marred the progression with the rogue as well, but never completely stopped it.

I don't think ever in my 30 years of existence I have played a game more bugged than this one, it's very sad indeed.

For me the game tends to chrash on level transitions, especially those towards new areas you've not seen before and that are critical to the main story, one year after its release and hitting v.1.10, this is pathetic and disgraceful.

Well, on to the content of the game, which by and large is great. It's obvious a great deal of effort went into the production. There is an enormous amount of voice acting and cut scenes; there is a lot of story here. The story will keep pulling you into the game, although it can't completely avoid feeling familiar as we've seen and heard so much of Faerun in other games.

Gameplay is frankly a little disappointing. Even though you can now bring along 3 companions (4 later on) that isn't up to other DnD game standards, and it is not enough to give you a well rounded party. The game's battles are simply too easy for the most part, even on "hardcore" settings. Note that that is with companions on "puppet" mode, because the party AI is a wasted effort.

I can't help but feel that the 3.5 edition ruleset is becoming quantity over quality with the plethora of new classes.