love this game, wish all games where more like this even if it is linear

User Rating: 9.5 | Neverwinter Nights 2 PC
I love anything DnD, I can't say I didn't not like anything about this game, I like that they added the fort and the battle and building up your forces, I think they have something there that they could build on for future RP or DnD games, everyone wants to rule something and it's fun to manage and maybe even have large scale batles or seiges, so much you can do in the DnD world, I think they've only just scratched the surface on the NWN1/NWN2 series.

Here's hoping the Neverwinter nights MMO and future NWN RP games will expand on the broader spectrum of what DnD is all about, adventure, fun, exploration, that +5 holy vorpal sword of butt kicking :) LOOT. And of course when you get to higher lvl's apprentices or rulilng your own kingdom, I would like to see even more PnP aspects start making their way into the Video game world.