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#1 Nighteg
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Hi everyone!

I feel like i need an MBA in order to understand the mechanics of old school RPGs!!!

So a few questions:

1) why sometimes when i lvl-up, i get to choose only skills (i play as cleric), and sometime i get to choose both skills and feats (never happened with cleric), and other times i get to destribute a point to my stats? What it depends on?

2) Right now I'm cleric lvl 5, and Barbarian lvl 2. And the only spell i have is the "expell dead", which i had from lvl 1. If i press "F", i don't see a single spell there. If i press "B", i get a list of spells, but i can't use any of them!

3) I remember playing NWN1 as cleric, i had a buff called might. Where/how/when do i get it?