NeverEnd? never ever...

User Rating: 3.6 | NeverEnd (2006) PC
I just fancy what Meyham people were thinking when they made
NeverEnd? that this is the 80s or what? I mean they should have seen
some new games, the way they are made these days,
they are in gaming business, aren't they?
Although I had my share of bad games, mostly demos, this one sure
beats them all. I mainly purchased the game because it had a female protagonist, there are less and less games with female lead these days.
I have played some second rate games just because they had a heroin,
but this is too much. I just cannot see anything slightest bit interesting
about this game. I didn't understand the fights, what should one really do?
How come you meet a boss right at the beginning?
Is there a map? I couldn't find one. Finding directions was quit confusing.
I just played 1, 2 hours of this game, maybe it gets better when you keep on
playing. But, no thanks, I am not that desperate. I can read a book or watch a video instead...