In spite of the bugs it is very interesting and I like the concept of a strong female character and female villains.

User Rating: 7.2 | NeverEnd (2006) PC
If you like Fate and Paradise then this is the perfect mix for you. I also think you have to be female to really enjoy it. The female villains appear weaker in their cute little tights with flowers but they are vicious vixen-- cut throat and deadly! Don't let their strength points fool you. Of course, your character becomes more fashionable when upgrading armour and jewelry. It's fun-- you want to whup the crap out of the bad guys with a mix a spells and frequent change of weapons, but you want to look good doing it! Collecting runes and mixing them to create the spells you need is a sub-quest and adds an interesting touch to the other quests which are layered upon each other. There are usually several quests to work on at the same time. The quests clear-cut and logical. I also like the fact that you can approach the game from different angles and make choices that further define your character's personality. It's cool. I'm enjoying it. And yes... the bugs are driving me crazy. I'm stuck at the swamp right now with Ravik and it keeps crashing every time he speaks. Hurry up with the patch-- I have a lot more exploring to do! Cyn