Quite,nice game but no more...bad combat...

User Rating: 7 | NeverEnd (2006) PC
I only tested this game and i like very much grapichs,sound and story...but...combat style is disastrous,really. I think this game get a 3.3 because that in specially.I will continue to play this game...anyway.

Visuals straight is bad, indeed...make me nervous to not see what is in front of me or left or right for large areas...that visual look like i'm in a helicopter and need to shoot someone...this is not for a role-playing game.

Sounds...god but voice of Agavaen thief-girl is...flash with no substance and emotions.For example voice of Lara from TombRaider, or April Ryan from Longest Journey or Kate Walker from Syberia...These voices are great and that makes any game more great!

Grapichs is god and spectacular in some moments...

Combat...fighting in the same locations-camera all the time is bad and boring and hard with this combat-style-time-bar.Very strange and if u not used will have a strange...after-glow about this thing.

This game it's quite and take it how it is...if you have more time and cheerfulness.