User Rating: 10 | NeverDead PS3
This game is great game its story is great so as the graphics and the weapons sound is truly impressive the monsters in this game have great design i think all web sites hate rebellion and give any of its games 6 or less but all rebellion games is great and never dead and aliens vs predator and dead to rights and rogue trooper ,never dead contain every thing that you need in a game fun is the most important thing in games and you will see it clearly in this game so do not miss this game. i am playing the game every day but never dead is the only game have this extent of fun every minute in this game is great i want to thank rebellion who used to give us great games like this game ,i love you rebellion and i will buy every game you develop it because you are the best do not stop because of the bad scores all players love you gooooooooooooood studio .