Neverdead isn't without its flaws. However, it's an experience worth playing and one I found completely satisfying.

User Rating: 8 | NeverDead PS3
As a gamer, for quite awhile now, a game that's a new IP obviously has a risk in this open market .A market That has really become plagued with sequels, mundane shooters. Neverdead has been since released gotten mixed reviews from critics. Which is expected because its a new IP. It may not be a COD or a battlefield of course. So in this regard I have to give Konami and Rebellion props for trying something new..that either could succeed..or fail. After playing this, dare I say "gem", I found myself questioning some reviewers. In a wolves den of the game industry today its refreshing see new ips. What did I think of the final product?...Read on

In the game you play as Bryce. Bryce is an immortal demon hunter. His immortality came upon him 500 years ago when he and his wife Cypher tried to take down the demon king Astaroth. In their efforts Cypher was killed and Bryce was cursed with immortality. Now in present day Bryce is part of NADA, a demon hunting agency. Bryce, along with his partner Arcadia, must hunt demons and stop a demonic invasion that has recently plagued the city.

Pretty standard stuff here. Neverdeads story is presented well with in game and cgi cut scenes telling the narrative. I enjoyed its nature and how it al played out. It kept me interested.

Neverdead is powered by Rebellion in house Asura engine. It looks fantastic here. Environments are rich with detail. Nice sharp and colorful textures. Main characters are designed well as are the enemies. Lighting, fire and overall the special effects are well done. NEVERDEAD did impress me in this department...its awesome looking. There is the occasional glitch and screen tearing is here, it does not take away from it though. Their engine shows its evolution with every game. It impresses me of what it is capable of.

NEVERDEAD plays like a third person shooter with an immortal twist. This means Bryce is pretty much indestructible. When you take damage your limbs will fly off. You'll have to navigate your environment to collect your limbs back and get back to fighting. While this is taking place, you can still fire and whatnot. You can also use Bryce immortality to your advantage. Like purposely setting yourself on fire or leading enemies to exploding barrels. Knowing you will not die it brings a great dynamic to combat not seen at all really. At your disposal to kill enemies are numerous weapons like handguns, shotguns, grenade launchers etc. Bryce also has a butterfly demon sword he can use to cut down his foes. You can also use the environment to your advantage as it's destructible.

Each level plays out like your typical Hack n slash game. You enter an area, demons spawn, and you kill them...then proceed. It's like this the whole game. Some sections do have you using Bryce's dismemberment for puzzles. In ND there are numerous enemy types. each with their own uniqueness..and annoyance. At the end of each level is a boss fight. These encounters are exciting and they play on Bryce unique dismember abilities. One such occasion has Bryce throwing his arm into a enemies stomach. Shooting him from the inside to unveil his weak point, then attacking with your other arm. Moments like this are where NEVERDEAD shines. It's always satisfying blowing Bryce up knowing you took 5 other enemies with you.

Killing these demons gives you orbs, much like GOW, to use to upgrade Bryce abilities. These abilities include, faster sprint, better gun power, blade effectiveness...and my favorite using your limbs as grenades. It was fun collecting the orbs and it added some nice incentive to do so. The amount of abilities you can equip is limited. So, using the right ability for the situation is key..Especially during boss battles.

However, with all the fun aspects the dismemberment does become frustrating during certain times. There are enemies known as Grandbaby's that roam the environment during each battle. While you're collecting your limbs they can eat your head. This then throws you into a quick time mini game. If this is failed its game over. Your limbs can be broken off easily by overwhelming enemies and blindsided attacks. Then it becomes somewhat frustrating trying to collect your limbs only to be swallowed once more. Frustrating yet this adds to the games challenge.

Another annoyance is Arcadia. While she can hold her own in a battle. When she is brought down you have to revive her. You can only revive her if your head at least is connected to your torso. So it's a constant struggle or a babysitting to keep her alive. These are just the small gripes I have had during gameplay.

I enjoyed Neverdeads no holds barred take on the TPS/hack n slash genre. Its unique and its welcome. Every level plays out like a playground of destruction for Bryce. There is some annoyances with the dismember mechanic. However, Its nothing that I found game breaking..Just challenging is all.

ND sound design is pretty good. Demons sound appropriately demonic. While Bryce and the other characters all have their unique personalities. The dialogue is written to be funny and reminds me of the movie "FEAST". It's not taken too literal and there's comedy in it. Playing mainly on Bryce being immortal. Gun shots, explosions all sound like they should. The actual in game music is a mix of guitar drum and bass with occasional orchestral scores. It's a nice blend and the tunes are catchy. Also included is a track by Megadeth specifically written for the game. All in all..I liked the sound

Replay Value
ND SP story for me lasted about I'd say 10 hours. I played it on normal difficulty. After completing the game you can go back and continue to upgrade Bryce's abilities, collect the collectables, etc. Moderate replay value for SP. ND does offer an online component. This includes co-op, a horde mode and numerous challenges. I have not been able to try any as no one has been all. There is also trophies..of course.

I was pleasantly surprised by Neverdead. Even with its faults and frustrations. It was still a game I couldn't put down from beginning until the end. I think if you enjoy sci-fi mutant movies, or just enjoy action hack n slash games. Neverdead with its unique gameplay and wacky premise will keep you entertained. Its definitely worth picking up, I know I wasn't disappointed..