Neverdead is an original and an underatted shooter that i Really enjoyed

User Rating: 8 | NeverDead X360
Backstory: When I heard about this game it was very brief it was when it was released and panned then I forgot about it that is untill it got mentioned on the worst games of 2012 list. I started watching and reading reviews so my interest increased. I found it was made by rebellion which i was shocked in a good way since this isn't like their usual line up. I picked it up for 19$ which wasn't a bad price so why not? Is this as bad well let's find out.

Story: the main character is bryce boltzmann a demon hunter who was cursed with immortality for thousands of years by a demon king named astaroth. Bryce works for nada with his partner arcadia who the two argue (which was quite entertaining I thought). The story is pretty good and interesting. These characters are extremely memorable to me such as sangria. Bryce is one of the most underatted game characters in my opinion he has an interesting ability and back story and just likeable with his sarcastic personality. It's hard not to think of devil may cry when looking at the story but this game just has more uniqueness.
My problem with the story is that there is a cliff hanger which annoyed me since I want to see more of these characters.

Graphics and Art: The graphics in game are pretty good there is some texture problems and some odd shading. The CG cutscenes are gorgeous very made and were entertaining infact a lot of the cutscenes are like that. The game is very colorful surprisingly with yellows,green,white,pink,purple,etc. The enemies have good designs depite looking somewhat odd and the bosses look even better like the sword pig. Most of the characters have awesome designs especially bryce. The weapons look great as well very well modeled and have a good amount of deatail. enviorments look good as well with some nice effects and variety.

Gameplay: neverdead is a third person shooter with some sword combat and dismement. Gun play is great very satisfying and even better with dual weilding. The guns you get are pistols,sub machine guns,shot gun, assualt rifles, grenade launchers, and even an assualt bow gun. All these guns just feel good to shoot things one thing that bugged me a bit is the cross hair which is kinda hard to aim with. The sword combat is alright now you need to hold down the left trigger and waggle the right analog stick a lot to kill enemies which becomes teadious it wouldn't be so teadious if some of the enemies are required to be killed with a sword. Now when you take damage you lose limbs and you need to retrive them by rolling into them. It's pretty cool to be hoping around with one leg. Losing arms and legs is all fine but being a rolling head is annoying since you are so slow and powerless. You can wait for your meter to resurrected but it can take a while. There is also an upgrade system however it's slot based which is kind of bad since it would be better off being mostly permenant upgrades. You get the standard upgraded damage and faster movement, but there are more fun ones like charge sword attacks, explosive limbs, healing bullets, heavy limbs, and better aim reticle. The game encourages you to explore for more weapons and secrets which I enjoyed. There is a melee attack but it's useless. Part of the fun is trying not to get hit but I wish the dodge was a little more faster since the enemies can tear you quite easily. One big problem is that it can get repetative which that's the biggest complaint I have. There is multiplayer but it's dead i'd love to play to bad it's online and screw xbl and their paid for net. it could be fun but nobody plays it unfortunately. The game is quite fun and is something unique.

Sound: sound effects are good, weapon sounds are very powerful and are a joy to listen to. Voice acting is very good they got david lodge to voice bryce who did a good job. The music is rad the main theme is awesome the rest is catchy and is a blast.

Verdict: Neverdead surprised me honestly I am quite a fan of this game I hope that rebellion makes a sequel so they can improve on the flaws but that will probably never happen because of it's mixed reception. Overall I really enjoyed the game if you find it for cheap i reccomend it.