Fun and Original game....Sort off

User Rating: 7 | NeverDead PS3

So first of all, I buy this game only because it was cheap. I buying some other games what I want but this one just "look" at me with low price and screeming on me "Buy me". So I did. After 2 months when laying around my shelves I decide give a shoot. And damn it was worth it. It was was fun and originally game. Beggining was little chaotic because those controls was a little clunky but after while everybody can figure out. And it was after that ok. Graphics are dull. It´s not good but not so bad either. There is some graphic glitches but nothing too much bad. But graphics on final boss was really good especially snakes was great.

Combat is fun, gunfights was not too much good especially because guns was really weak and cant kill almost anything. You get options to upgrade you´re abillities, but there is not too much change anything. There is slo-mo abillity what slow time automaticlly if you are in danger but sometimes it´s little bit annoying, because slow time when you dont needed, and sometimes, it´s like game forget slo time.

But sword fight is really fun, sword is powerfull and you cut lots off thing, sometimes I think you can cut more thing then in Metal gear rising: Revengeance. Sword fight is really well done. Overall is combat pretty fun, sometimes it´s little tidious because there is lots off pods what you must destroy or you will be attacked none stoped by enemies and lots off time you even dont know if there is those pods.

Enemies was from beggining good looking, but after 2 hours you´re noticed there is something like 5 types of enemies. Yes they have everybody own special moves. "Dogs" can bite you head off, there is some weird spinning a**holes what can climbing walls and other. Boss fights was dull, nothing special and after while they´re attack you again in latter game. Finall boss was extremly annoying. He looking good. But damn those platform was boring and stupid.

Bryce can´t die, sort off. You can fall apart and you must regenerate yourself which is pretty fun, and only thing what can you "kill" is small bastards what eat you if he eats you´re head you have one last chance with QTE minigame. Fair enough.

NeverDead is in the beggining fun game if you dont expect too much, it´s can be really fun but sometimes it can be really anoying. But it worth it.