Old School 8 bit Open World Adventure on the PSP......here is the review.

User Rating: 6 | Neutopia: Frey no Shou TG16
Neutopia is an alright game. It reminds me of something I may have played when I was younger, but I cant remember the exact game. Basically you control a warrior in a world trying to find 8 golden gems & save the 9th gem aka a Princess...Yea we have seen these save the princess games before. You have to find the 8 dungeons that contain the golden gems, seek them out, while defeating the monster or machine that protects the golden gem. One thing that I want to point out is that the world has 4 different surfaces. There is a Land region that has your basic forest, jungles & desserts. The Land region is the first area you start in. After you have located a couple gems portals to the next areas open up. Those other 3 regions are Sea, Underground & Sky. Each region contains 2 golden gems. After you locate all 8 golden gems. The chance to save the princess opens up for your warrior. The fun part about the game is going though each surface world and seeking out the dungeons. Once you are in the dungeons finding the boss & golden gem is not that hard. Not a bad game, its definitely old school if you like open world adventure games, give this game a shot. It is a great game to download and play when you are waiting on current more up to date games to come out for your hand held gaming device.