Can't even get into the game due to all the flaws.

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I understand this game is early release, but when you can't verify your email address, you cannot link your steam account, you cannot log in at all...there are problems that need to be addressed. When a company holds up their product as "early release" it's not saying "alpha" or "beta" version, it's saying "this is what we have so far, tell us what you think." I consider that a production quality product that they are getting opinions on prior to full release. Unfortunately, we (the gamer) have been duped into the idea that this is like, when it is not. If they were saying "this is my concept, please support me" then would be appropriate. In the case of this game I say, take your kickstarter concept to kickstarter and stop requiring the gaming community to pay full price for being your beta tester! I am sick of companies like this.