Nerf N-Strike Elite Cheats For Wii

  1. Codes

    Select your profile & then select the Codebook in the lower right hand corner. Enter these passwords with the Wii remote.

    Effect Effect
    Use your own blaster on the blasting range
    Unlocks nova tracer ammo
    MENU 2x Scope
    Color Scheme 1 BUGS
    NERF Get 10 Canisters
    Invincibility MISS
    PLAY Unlock all Levesl
    DUDE Unlock Cerberus CS-12
    RUSH Unlock Crusher SAD-G
    ROCK Unlock Golithan UB-1
    PONG Unlock Hammerhead GL-1
    WIDE Unlock Hydra SG-7
    DOOM Unlock Icarus HM-7
    IDOL Unlock Longshot CS-6
    PING Unlock Longstrike CS-6
    DIRT Unlock Recon CS-6
    FLEX Unlock SemperFire RF-100
    ICON Unlock Spartan NCS-12
    DART Unlock Unlimited Ammo (toggle on/off from code list)
    LOTS Unlock Vulcan EBF-25

    Contributed by: pyrorgistic, account_user, Mew409, Opelrox