there is not a single good thing i can say about this game, its so bad that i cant belive it they even released it

User Rating: 1 | Neocron PC
so i tested Neocron yesterday, it was not easy to sigh up for the free trial with out giving them my bank account info, but i managed finally after few hours trying.

let me tell you did not miss anything, horrible-terrible piece of software, 1st of its not a FPS nor strategic shooter, it has SOME FPS elements so lame that wolfenstein3d would beat it in some/several categories, there where like massively 2 other people on the server.

graphics is bad, physics its so bad that it would not even fly as a joke, i had my chin down the entire time it was so bad, disaster would not describe the horror i had to endure : ) .

Might noticed that there are no REAL screenshots on the website, it has a reason : they don’t want to scare away the 3 customers they might have. game spot has screenshots, to bad i did not look 1st here, i mean just take a look at the screenshots they talk for them self, this is soooo 10 years ago technology and that at best

Avoid! I cant say much about the community because i did not saw anyone, there where a guy chatting with the help bit somewhere, so that all i saw of the massive (lol) community

after 6 hour download, 1 hour patching , 2 hour signup for free 10 day try, and 2 hour game play, the UN-installation and subscription cancellation where actually the only pleasant and fast experiences I had

also watch out! its 10/11euro / month , YET they charge you 26/29euro for the 1st month and its not clear how much the later months will be, there IS mentioning of extra fees