One of the best games ever played...

User Rating: 9.8 | Nemesis of the Roman Empire PC
This game is truly amazing. I have been playing it for years now and it still amazes me with it's simplicity and new techinques I find out. Terribly cool.

The heroes: you can find nothing better, attach 50 men and go to war. So cool is if you try to set a limit that each hero needs atleast those men and then these additional ones.

Amazing game. The Carthaginian units are so good because they cost no population (except nobles). The Romans are just plain strenghty, with the praetorians and scouts... I especially like to conquer an unconquered settlement where gold has been gathering for a long time (neutral ones, gold from the beginning of the game) then take all my units into that place and make the 'Every Unit Near Settlement Gain 1 Level' and then I once had an army of level 120 men... so few died at all.