Nemesis of the Roman Empire Cheats For PC

  1. Lots of Cheats

    Press ENTER during gameplay, enter cheat, then press ENTER to activate

    Effect Effect
    Sels.AddToPopulation(50000) Adds population to any stronghold/villages.
    _black Black screen
    debugselected Debug Selected unit
    usr Describe selected unit
    esg Display enemy information
    printmemstats Display memory stats
    gmp Display pointer coordinates
    dumpobj Display Selected units ability
    settlementcount Display settlement count
    flatterrain Flat Terrain
    togglefog Fog of war
    save Game save
    gaikafd Green tiles over non objects and black tiles under objects
    removedecors Remove decorations
    screenshot Save screenshot
    Sels.SetFood(50000) Sets food to any stronghold/villages.
    Sels.SetGold(50000) Sets gold to any stronghold/villages.
    mousepos Show mouse position
    spawn # Spawn indicated number of unites
    showflatterrain Strange terrain
    setplayer Switches multiplayer characters
    testadventure Test adventure integrity
    togglevis Toggle houses and decorations
    ae View level properties

    Contributed by: Kingchakir, Robbie Kennedy