a fun and a pretty funny game, but theres something missing...

User Rating: 7.5 | Neighbours from Hell 2: On Vacation PC
ok so im gonna be reviewing this game, but also comparing it to the first one. now this game is not made by some big ass company, so you have to consider that.

Gameplay: ok so you play as woody, and your neighbors are pure evil, what better way to piss them off then pull of pranks. so this game is a point n click game where you have to pick up items and sometimes combine them to create a prank on the neighbor which is usually hilarious. now the first game to get 100% was hard, because it had to be the right combination, here you need to have the right combination as well to get the trophy, but i found it to be much more simpler then the first game. a big improvement in this game, is the fact that your not in the same level anymore, you travel around the world so you wont get bored playing the same level as the first game. another thing they added, is more NPCs, such as Helga and the neighbor's mother, although you cant pull off pranks on them, you can use them for your pranking advantage. what i liked that each level has different pranks/items and your not reusing them like in the first game, so its something new each level. another thing is that you can combine pranks to get more points. however i was hoping that if i beat it 100% there would be some sort of bonus level, that didn't happen.

Graphics: ok im gonna keep this one short, because of the fact that theres no graphical options. thats right you heard me right, a 2004 game doesn't have graphical options! i mean sure it has sounds and game options, but you cant even change your resolution. and this is the sequel! same thing happened in the first game, and now your thinking "well hey its a sequel, they had to learn their lesson by now" nope, they didn't bother to add any graphical options in. so thats a real a shame. although i like how the graphics look for this game, they could have at least added resolution options. the animation however was fantastic and i really enjoyed watching the pranks unfold.

Sound: now the first game had only the main menu music and 1 level music, which got old and annoying really fast. finally here they added a different variety of music for each level theme, so i actually enjoyed it. again just like the first game, they don't talk just mumble but i think its perfect for this kind of game.

overall i think they have done a fantastic job here and although its a short game, you should try it out. i would look forward to a sequel, but they better add some graphical options!