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User Rating: 10 | Neighbours from Hell XBOX
Review For Neighbours From Hell Xbox.

Good 3 Points

1, Sooo Funny
2. Entertaining
3. Lots Of Challenges

Bad 3 Points

1. Graphics
2. Gameplay Is Bland
3. Only One Location


I Love This Game, Its Worth What I Payed. Its Amusing, Time Consuming And Laid Back. Easy To Learn How To Play Too. A Young 3 Year Old Could Play. And Even A 18 Year Old Could Enjoy It.

Why 10

It Has Everything You Could Want. But The Only One Location Is A Problem. I've Had Hours Of Fun And Got Gold On All Of The Challenges. There Are Training Levels, Pranks (A LOT). We Need More Locations And Better Graphics! But At My Age 6 Years Ago I Didn't Notice, So Younger Kids Wouldn't Mind About The Graphics Anyway, Its The Funny Pranks That Matter A Lot.

Game Stats

Gameplay 6/10 Bland
Graphics N/A
Sound 10/10 Comical Music
Overall 10/10 Great!