I can't stop playing and I love it!

User Rating: 9.4 | Need for Speed Underground PS2
Generally speaking I'm not a huge fan of racing games (although I have played a lot in the past), but when I was in a second-hand computer game shop the other day and saw Need for Speed Underground for virtually nothing I thought, what the hell. I had heard a few good things about it and at that price there was nothing to lose. Anyway, having now spent many,
many hours playing it I can tell you that this game is fantastic. There are many different race types, and I love every single one of them : Sprint - a straight race from one point to another, Circuit - a multi-lap race around a circuit, Time Trial - having to beat a certain time, Drift - doing super-cool powerslides around a small circuit and Drag - eye-poppingly fast straight line racing.

Gameplay - 10

I really cannot fault the gameplay in this game at all. You have fantastic control of the car. It's such an amazing feeling to be screeching left and right trying to get past a competitor, then taking him on the inside of a corner on the wrong side of the road, VERY narrowly missing a head collision with a van, then smirking with satisfaction as you look back to see him fly into the air having hit said van, while you head into a shortcut and work on catching the next pesky critter. Also there are performance upgrades to be unlocked as you progress, making the game even faster and crazier than before.

Graphics - 10

The graphics are sensational in this game. The game is so damn fast, and there's so much to look at while you're flying along, although you'll rarely have time to admire the scenary, like in any good racing game. Also you will be upgrading your car as you unlock visual upgrades, and you can make your car look as cool or silly as you want. I thought it was silly but fun at the start, but as you progress you really get attached to the old girl, and want to make her look as impressive as possible as you destroy the opposition. The only thing that is missing is a race replay, and very occasionally the game will stick for about a millisecond (if that) if there's a hell of a lot going on, but it's not nearly enough to ruin the fun or to make me take a point off for graphics. Oh and did I mention the speed of the game? Good.

Sound - 9

To be honest I could have given this 10 too, I mean I think the sound effects are great - crashing, crunching, screeching etc. all add perfectly to the atmosphere and thrill of the ride. But I don't like the music, what can I say, I'm not a fan. So that's just me, I turned it off completely, but you might like it. Each to their own.

Value - 9

Well it has got 111 races in it. Parts of the circuits are re-used though, so you can be doing a sprint and think half-way through "ah! I recognise this bit! only we're doing it backwards this time" etc. I think it's quite fun and clever the way they've done it myself, and it's certainly feels new trying to take shortcuts and various corners backwards when you're used to doing them the other way. Anyway, definately great value with 111 races, several different race types, lots of different cars to choose from and unlock, with endless visual and performance upgrades. There's split-screen two player mode too, which is pretty fun, although I selfishly prefer to be able to work on my own game. There's also an online mode, but I don't do online so I can't tell you anything about that.

Summary : Hmm, what can i say... Fantastic! Get it and drive drive drive!