User Rating: 10 | Need for Speed: Underground PC
Need For Speed HP2 had a lot of expectations but failed to keep them up. So The guys at EA pulled out the successor to NFSHP2, need for speed underground! IT is totally new era of racing. Built on the modifed hot pursuit 2 engine but believe me, if you see it you wont believe it, the graphics is superb, the cars cast lots of reflectionsof the environment its....... beautiful. The environment is equally superb with wet roads and lots of ligtts of different colour make you feel like the ultimate street racer. But thats not it, the main highlight of this is the ability to modify your car and there are thousands of customization. And of course my personal favourite the n20, it is the upgrade when you press it your car travells at blazing speed, so fast that the environment becomes blurry!! There are simply endless possibities!! It would have been a lot better if there were a few more tracks but the game itself overcomes this drawback.