one of the greatest games of the year!!!

User Rating: 9.7 | Need for Speed: Underground 2 PC
NFSU 2 is yet another racing game from the acclaimed developer, EA Games. However, what sets it apart from all the others is its ability to distinguish itself from all other games by allowing the player to manipulate or "soup up" their vehicles from snails to Mach-3 jets on the ground. I know what u are thinking, racing games aren't for me...but NFSU 2 does a good job to attract new-comers or skeptics with an awesome set of music tracks and a new line of cars. The graphics are almost the same, slightly improved, but once again the music and the environment makes up for all that. The new, fully, emersive story line, reminescent of 'The Fast and the Furious,' is excellent and almost 'pumps' the player into hype. So word of advice for all the racers out there...GET THIS GAME!!! If you are new to the genre...RENT IT!!!!