Two thumbs up.

User Rating: 9.6 | Need for Speed: Underground 2 PC
My god my god...what a game...i've waited so long for this one to come out and had so many expectations for this game...EA fullfilled almost every single one of them...the new NOS system is awesome, rewards you for driving on the serious edge, and the free roaming outrun AI, unlike in the demo, is vastly improved. The hydraulics on the cars provide for quite the entertainment, I've spent about a half hour straight bumping my car, literally, to the beats...the hydraulics are a unique touch. The game doesn't play all that differently from the original NFSU, but there are differences in handling that you'll notice right off the bat...or should i say...plane. The free roaming mode, while new, gives the game a nice polish. It gives the game an added sense of reality especially the outrun part of the game where just like in real life, you have to pull up next to a tuner car match his speed and make sure you beat him by about a 1000 meters. Also new to the game are shops where you drive into to add custimization to your car(s). Gone are the days of yesteryear(NFSU1) where fancy animated videos explained the video, in it's place is the new storyboard or comic strip part...the sequences in the game are expained through these comic strips or through anime style graphics. New to the online features of the game is the ability to create password protected rooms so that only the people that one wants in the room can get in. EA delivers big time in the sound department. The sound for the game is near perfect, if not perfect. The engines all sound distinctly different, the sound also changes with performance mods and the sound does justice to the upgrades you will buy with all your squandered savings from racing. The playlist for the games features some very impressive songs. NFSU2 is worth every cent of the $39.99 you'll spend on the PC version...especially in these days where PC racing games are dwindling by the year.The game brings back all the beloved features of NFSU1 and more. Definitely a must buy for PC and for any fan of arcade racing or racing in general.