A cool street racing game...

User Rating: 9.5 | Need for Speed Underground 2 (Greatest Hits) PS2
Need For Speed Underground 2 is a great game,it has some great graphics,and some really good sound.Also the gameplay is really good.And there are many races,and many cool cars to use,like the Lincoln Navigator, cadillac escalade,hummer h2,nissan sentra,toyota celica,lexus is300,toyota supra,golf gti,audi a3,acura rsx,mitsubishi eclipse,audi tt,mazda rx-8,inifiniti g35,mitsubishi 3000gt,pontiac gto,mazda rx-7,nissan 350z, ford mustang gt,mitsubishi lancer evolution,nissan skyline,subaru impreza,and much more great cars.

Graphics:9.5/10:The graphics in this game are great,and make the game much more better and fun to play.

Sound:9.5/10:The sound in this game is also great.

Gameplay:9.5/10:The gameplay in this game is great,and the controls are really easy to use.

Overall:9.5/10:This game has some great graphics and sound,and some great gameplay,and the controls are really easy to use.Also there are many races and cars,which makes the game more fun.