Feel like drivin' n havin'

User Rating: 9 | Need for Speed Underground 2 XBOX
Use ur steer wheel to play this game to feel the real "Need For Speed Underground 2" game
What this game give to player is we can drive all around bayside or NFSU 2 town and race around .

Not only regular race the type of races in this game is Drift, Drag, Street X, URL, Circuit and Sprint. You can change your car performance, body type or graphic , install hydraulic and NOS for better visual art.

Tired of manual racing change it to automatic , bored of usual races challenge the street driver or you want your car to be on magazine just take a picture of your car with the background anywhere in town don't forget to bring the coolest car , we don't want a plain car on cover.

The side music here is great when you're in town you can hear some great song like Riders On the Storm, Give It All, Crashing Foreign Car, Scavenger. Its helping create the environment to be full of adrenaline and youthness.
Well, this whole game is not about racing all the time you can do anything when you're full of racing, modified ur car, drive all the town and see the beautiful night town with casino and real traffic.