NFSU2 is definetly better than the first one but it keeps u away from the fun at times and isent a huge new jump

User Rating: 7.5 | Need for Speed Underground 2 XBOX
alrite so need for speed underground 2 is a pretty good game and worth getting if you played or managed to beat the first one which was fairly hard at the end with the extra boss aka mysterious black car racer that is very hard even if you have the extreme set on your car getting the most out of its power. well the new customization is just awesome but you would think they would go a little farther with the vinyls and more stuff like that. the going around the city and reachig your locations part is fun but then again you realize that its not completely nesessary because all your really doing is discovering new places to buy stuff from, cruising, and getting to your races, not to forget the small amounts of easy money u can earn. it sounds great but i dont know where i stand on the whole select from menu or go around a city to find thing. the difficulty is still great and packs a punch, while the new race modes are also very nice. it was great to see group drifing this time instead of invisible computer racers getting their points! the story is kind of lame and the things that are said in the game are VERY lame at some parts. and the interview was rite....why do you keep calling my money bank and saying things that a 10 year old would enjoy in this game?
ignore the few bads here and there, enjoy the game, get the cars you want and trick them out, and in the long run, NFSU2 is actually worth it.