NFS Ug2 is a blast , a superb game,,almost best nfs game yet created,,i personally think,,.even on the pc..

User Rating: 9 | Need for Speed: Underground 2 PC
its just a blast to play overall,,

most addictive online mode even o nthe pc with friends and lan,,

nice looking cars,,dark underground & tunnels,,many diff cars to choose from,,muc htuning of the cars,,,choose what color ur car can have,,great textures,,sprites and art,,works much on your car to make a better race and so on;),,.

nive ot unlock things,, and voice acting is good;));p

animations arre good,almost flawless but with a few glitches,not the best nfs graphics but the better the graphics are doesnt make a better game,,

it is quite challanging at times,,its just an easy/hard game this,,a blast to play,,

--lan link is nice,,exelent,,and nice--challange-ing;)),,awesome,,--fun--times;));pp,,

camera angle are nice,,as well as options,,menues,,how smooth this game plays overall..thumbs up;));pp,,,

online is good,,but lan with friends are even better;pp;)

--missions are nice--story,,is nice,,cutscenes,,

sound and soundtracks just right;),,

--minuses,,game could have used slighty more depth but good enough ;),,ocationally framerate issues and a few glitches now and then,,other good-time;)

i dont think gordon freeman drove one of theese,,seriously;),,

Hammer and there ur crank;pp